Landscaped backyard with decking

How it works

As each project is so different, both in scale and design, we look at each job on its own merit. For example, some people have their own design ideas but others would prefer to leave the entire design to us – we are happy to accommodate either approach.

The first step is to contact us and arrange to meet on site. During this time we establish your needs and get an overall feel for the garden ⁄ outside space so that we can start the design (if required). Once the design and scope has been agreed, we then put a price together for you and on agreeing that price; we set a convenient start date.

City centre hardwood decked roof terrace

We’re flexible and realistic in our approach and understand that you might want to make changes once the build is underway. We will endeavour to accommodate this – after all, we’re building your garden and it’s important that you’re happy!

“Spring is Nature's way of saying ‘Let's Party!’ ”

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